The UCS has been centred in the Paddington community for fifty years. Our long presence in the neighbourhood has made the Co-op a part of the local identity. Our Brisbane Workers Community Centre is a social landmark and the 2L retail centre is a part of the heritage of the Paddington strip.



The Union Cooperative Society began in 1967 as an initiative of the working people of Queensland who had a vision to better their social and economic circumstances. They believed that through cooperation and mutual support from the community, goods and services could be supplied at fair prices ...


The Union Co-op owns and runs the Brisbane Workers’ Community Centre (BWCC), a function centre on the corner of Latrobe and Given Terraces. The BWCC is a long-standing tradition within the Co-op’s history and is available to host wedding receptions, parties, meetings, and many other functions …


The Co-op proposes to redevelop its properties in Paddington. This will be done with the community and the environment in mind. While still in the development approval stage, the Co-op has created a project that will deliver business, community and residential opportunities within an eco-architectural design ...